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December 23, 2010
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It was midnight in the seireitei and the ground still sparkling due to the snow on the floor making it look like millions of crystals and everyone was still sleeping and a shadow was moving around each house leaving something under there trees.

Then just before the sun rose up he vanished as the sun shone on the ground the snow on the floor became like a wonderland "hay wake up you guys its Christmas hello wake up" shouted hitsagaya at there window throwing snowballs at the windows.

As everyone woke up cos of the noise going to there squad halls there was a huge tree with presants for each of them at squad 1 he head captain found that he two had something a sword shiner.

Every squad had something they liked "hehehe ooo something for my lab this will do nicely" said kurotsucchi as he looked at this item.

" This should help with my health issues"  said ukitake looking at the bottle that was left on his desk, hitsagaya was running around with his little pet dragon. renji was holding his giant snake which had a cute ribbon " hehe its so cute".

Byakuya was just looking at his gift in a bowl was a young pure japanese koi with a long tail and there was a note with it 'I hope you can find a home for this and this little guy when grown up will be a prized fish'. Kenpachi was just happy because he would get a rematch with ichigo.

Weeeee was the only thing that was hered from over the fence all the little children were enjoying the snow the sun was setting and it was getting late and everyone was getting ready for the party.

there was music drinks and games for the younger people to enjoy everyone were dancing and enjoying the evning but one was not enjoying it as usual byakuya was keeping his cool as the head of the kuchiki house he thought that he should keep his composture.

The evning went on and many were drunk dancing around only to fall on the floor asleep.
the last part is for new years day
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This is soo awesome :love: great work :clap:
thanks glade you liked it
your welcome ^^ ohh and Happy new year!
thank you and happy new year to you
your welcome and thankies :D
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